Which 19" LCD for dual monitor setup? Please advise.

Hi All,

I am new to LCD monitors, but am looking for a setup with dual 19" LCD monitors and would like some recommendations as to which to go for. My graphics card has one digital and one analog output.

I watch a few films and play some games, including World of Warcraft. My price limit would be around the £150 per monitor. What features should I be looking for, and what resolutions should I be expecting from these monitors?

I have read a few reviews singing the praise of Samsung monitors, but would prefer another manufacturer as I have been waiting for over three months for them to swap out my existing CRT monitor with endless phone calls and no useful response from Samsung. So their monitors may be generally good, but in my experience, service worse than useless.

I was not thinking of going to widescreen monitors as my desktop just isn't quite that big. I mainly use Ubuntu Linux rather than Windows.

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  1. Your price is in the "value" range where all LCDs have effectively the same TN panel. Therefore, anything that fits into your budget will be about the same as any other.
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