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I've read LCD monitors have problems to run at a different resolution then their native. So i was wondering if it is a problem for a 19 inch monitor with native resolution of 1280*1024 to run games @ 1024*768?
It is an LG 1952TQ but i couldn't find a link for it. Spec: 4ms, 1400:1, 300cd/m2, H&V 160....DVI
Thank You very much for your experience and comments
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  1. Unless someone else has some good comments, see if any of this answers your questions:
    if not, feel free to post some follow up questions.
  2. Thanks a lot for the review. Do you think it is possible to have just black borders cuz i'd prefer borders than a blury image. Anway could you recommend a good 17inch lcd for games and movies. Cuz I dont edit images or anything similar. What do you think of this one expect that i can buy it with a DVI interface. Or do You have any other suggestions?
    Thanks a lot in advance.
  3. Yeah, just disable scaling in the Nvidia control panel (if you have an Nvidia card).
    You might want to consider 19" monitors. Those seem to be the new common dimension. Also, keep in mind, that no LCD monitor on the market is gonna be as fast as a CRT for games (there is always motion blur/smearing on LCD monitors).

    The following models have good response times (as far as LCDs go):
    VX922 19" real response 5-10ms
    VP191b 19" real response 12-15ms
    TN Samsung 930BF real response 5-10ms
    TN Samsung 760BF 17" real response 4-20ms (5-12ms in most cases)
    TN VX924 19" real response 5-12ms
    TN VX724 17"? real response 5-15ms
    TN NEC 90GX2 real response 2-20ms with 8ms most of the time
    MVA AL2032WA real response 5-60 with most of the time 8ms, but certain special peaks at times to 60ms
    MVA Acer F-20 real response 5-55 with most of the time 10ms, but certain special peaks to 55ms
    S-IPS Nec 20WGX2 real response 5-10
    S-IPS MFM-HT205 real response 7-10ms
  4. Do you know anything about LG lcd monitors. Cuz I wanted to go with the 1952TQ. I think It's only avaliable here in slovakia and some neighbouring countries. In it's specs it has 4ms response time I know it is not true but I cant find the type of it's matrix anywhere. If you can find it can you tell me if it's suitable for games? My budget is like 350$ but it's hard to find models you've listed here. I found the VX922 and it costs 450$ here and basicly that is the only one I could find.
    I would go for a 17" model if is good and in my budget range
    Thank You very much
  5. LG is another panel manufacturer (actually makes the panels) like Samsung. Don't know much more than that or if it even matters who makes the panel so much as how the panel actually performs/looks.

    Some things you could do:
    do a google search for your model and see if any of them list the gtg or grey to grey response time. If it is still 4ms, then that might be indicative that the panel is still fairly good.

    You could also see if you could install a few games on a computer at the store and try out the monitor.
    While trying out this monitor, I particularly noticed issues with smearing in the following games:
    Babylon 5: I've found her (a free game)
    Nexus: the jupiter incident demo (try tracking distant objects while you move around)
    Any game that requires you to follow some object very closely, while it is moving should show the weaknesses.
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