Acer AL1916W or ViewsonicVA1912WB

Hi, i am thinking of upgrading to LCDs from my 17" CRT. The monitor which fits my budget is the acer AL1916W or viewsonic VA1912WB. I searched through this forum and was not able to find any relevant material on these 2 monitors.

My question is: which of these is better. and will the 8ms response time cause blurring in images. and is it worth upgrading from a crt as i mainly use my computer for desktop purposes and some light gaming.

I use an XFX 7900GS (if it is relevant)
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  1. Each one is fine. Picture Quality going to viewsonic. Acer's LCDs are fine but the lack of DVI on the model you are looking at turns me away from Acer. So go with the ViewSonic. There are some new viewsonic lcd's that we just put up at Circuit City they look good. Our LCD's run 24/7 and the only one to ever go defective i've seen is a 17 inch Viewsonic. That shouldn't concern you though they make nice monitors.
  2. Quote:
    and will the 8ms response time cause blurring in images. and is it worth upgrading from a crt as i mainly use my computer for desktop purposes and some light gaming

    Fact is that all LCD monitors, even the fastest ones on the market, show smearing or blurring from slow response times. Added to that problem is the fact that the response times listed on the box are always wrong, and I stress the fact that they are always wrong. The manufacturers are trying to represent the response time of a monitor with a single number; whereas in the real world, there are either 4,096 or 65,536 possible response times for each subpixel. The only way you could really get a true idea of the real response time is if they listed a 3d graph like used by

    I would suggest, you go to the store and try out the lowest response time model that they have. Or, if you can find any of the models below in the store, that would be even better. Check out some games and see if you can handle the smearing that occurs.
    Samsung 930BF
    Viewsonic VX924
    NEC 20WGX2
    NEC 90GX2
    Sony MFM-HT205
    P.S. for a quick example of how all LCD monitors have smearing or blurring, try out the program called "tfttest"
    It is the second to last test in that program.

    If you think this response time will be an issue for you, then you might consider just buying a used CRT monitor locally for $50 or less; check out craigslist for your area. Also, if you want a rundown of the weaknesses of LCD monitors, see here:
  3. thanks for the reply,
    i researched on the internet and found that the lack of dvi does not affect picture quality or response times at all. and also viewsonics are said to have issues with picture quality in the long run. i will post u the link of
    At last the viewsonic does not look good in black colour with built in speakers which sucks!!
    but pls do tell me how the monitor fares in the long run
  4. DVI does look abit cleaner. At CircuitCity every display is on analog and the difference on DVI is sharper text. No DVI doesn't make a huge difference but for me where i do alot of school work and typing,the Little gain in sharper text that i do get from DVI, i like.

    Is 19 widescreen your dream? because you can get a nice BenQ FP93GX for 208.99 on special at right now.

    It is 4:3 but is an amazing display for the price. If you look at my other post about the BenQ i have bought 6 of them. They always give you alot for your money and look amazing.

    Thursday i have the FP93GX coming from newegg along the final parts for my clients computer. I can tell you how it looks. I own the FP93G and am using it right now. The only difference between the FP93G and FP93GX is 8ms and 2ms. I dont expect it to make a difference. Other then that it has sharp colors and is a bright to call newegg real fast later
  5. I had to call since i looked at the FP93GX and the price dropped another ten bucks on it and it now has free shipping so i wanted the damn thing price matched. Newegg did it no questions asked!!!!

    Ok so let me give you a link to it. It is 198.99 with free shipping and comes with all cables.

    EDIT: Wierd they price matched it down for me and when you search FP93GX it shows free shipping and 198.99 but when you click the page it says 208.99 and free shipping....I dunno but it worked out for me
  6. thanks for the advice. but i really like widescreens courtesy WSGF. their link is
    i only do light gaming but widescreen really has its benefits. i found another model of acer al1916wasd which has dvi port. so i think that is which i am going to buy. but i will also look into these Benq deals.
    Thanks again!!!!
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