Yet another help me choose between 2 monitors

Well, like many others I am also about to buy a new monitor and would like some opinions. I have read and read about different monitors and I have only come to 2 conclusions:

1- There are alot of good monitors

2- Every monitor made has both good and bad reviews

What am I looking for i a monitor? Well I am a gamer and play Everquest and BF2 most every night. Picture quality and preformance is important to me but I am curently using a 5 year old 17" CRT monitor so I wouldn't know a good LCD from a bad one.

I have decided that I would be happy with a 19" monitor and I need to stay under $300 before tax and shipping.

I have picked 2 monitors and Id like to have opinions on each or if you have another option Id like to hear that also.

Monitor 1 - Dell UltraSharp 1905FP. Reason= I have seen this monitor reccomended several times on other forums

Monitor 2- Samsung 940BF. Reason= The specs.

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  1. The 1905 is not a current model, and it came with either a 20ms response time panel or an 8ms response time panel. If you buy it used, the seller can check to see which panel it has.

    Also, the 1905's panel is PVA... slower for games but better for everything else.

    The newer 1907 which replaced it has a cheaper TN panel... faster for games, but worse for everything else.

    The Samsung 940BF is also a gamers monitor with TN panel.

    The display quality of most TN panels is very similar, so there's no obvious differentially good choice.
  2. My bad, I copy / pasted the wong Dell monitor model number from another forum. Here is the Dell Im looking at:

    UltraSharp 1907FP 19 inch Black Flat Panel Monitor, LCD with Height Adjustable Stand
  3. That's Dell's cheap, run-of-the-mill, TN panel gamer monitor. As I happen to like Samsung's Magic Brite presets, suggest you check it out too.

    Actually if you can wait a bit, Samsung has a new one coming onto the market in November... the 931C. Its specs look terrific (for a TN panel gamer monitor)... about $279.
  4. Man, that monitor looks awsome.

    2ms gray to gray responce times, 2000:1 contrast. I realize box specs are not too accurate but still looks good
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