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ok so i'm looking to get a new lcd monitor that i will be doing a little bit of everyhting. the main thing is that when i watch moives i want it to not look too bright or too dark. i want blacks to look black and greys to look grey and whites to look white. I'm also a gamer. i spend alot of time in front of my monitor and i dont want to have painful eyes. i know i'm asking alot but there are alot of monitors out there :P i dont have alot of money but i'd like to see what kind of price i'm looking at. Please just make suggestions. thanks
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  1. One of the best reasonably priced displays is the Dell 2407FPW, currently $679 direct, incl 3 yr manufacturer warranty.
  2. does anyone have one of these that they could give me some feedback on it? what do movies look like (from differnt angles)? because i want to be able to sit back 8 ft from my monitor and watch x3 in all its glory from any angle and without the black areas just being all black and no detail.
  3. well if i get this one its going to be quite a bit longer befor i get it...700... that sucks for me lol. oh well i guess i'll just wait. do you think the price will drop much more?
  4. Sure, but most of the price drop has occured... but gradually it will drop a bit more...
  5. By the way, the native res of that Dell is 1920x1200. I doubt you are going to be able to play games in your native res on your video card. Just something to consider!
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