Opticlear: Is it something that I want?

Two very similiar monitors... one with Opticlear. Is Opticlear something that I want? Is it different thatn the Opticlear used on LCD monitors which results in a shiny surface that can reflect light from the room (as opposed to the matte surface of most LCDs), or is this Opticlear different and not have the reflection issues of the shiny LCDs. Does Opticlear improve colors any?

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  1. The OptiClear Screen Surface

    The revolutionary OptiClear screen surface allows NEC Technologies to offer the same results as the best of all anti-reflection choices at a fraction of the cost. The manufacturing technique for the OptiClear screen surface application has been compared to a "liquefied bonded panel." The advantage of the OptiClear screen surface is that the manufacturing process does not incur the much larger overhead that the bonded panel manufacturing requires. The OptiClear screen surface is a revolutionary, engineering breakthrough that actually absorbs a portion of the light hitting the screen while allowing the screen image to be displayed without distortion.

    The success of this surface is complemented by NEC's award-winning display that features unprecedented focus, purity, and bright colors. The addition of the OptiClear screen surface reduces reflection while enhancing the original contrast and clarity of NEC's famous display quality. The surface had to meet or exceed NEC's high-quality surface specification. MultiSync monitors combine the NEC screen quality with OptiClear screen surface for another winning combination.

    Compared with other technologies, the OptiClear screen surface from NEC combines all of the capabilities of the other screen treatments mentioned such as anti-reflection, anti-glare, and anti-static and incorporates them into one high-level surface without the high cost or performance tradeoffs typically necessary for this high level of performance.
  2. So no it doesn't make it more reflective? Anyone here who has confirmed that? I think Opticlear on LCD monitors actually refers to the more reflective and shiny screen.
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