A LCD Monitor that can support 1080p component Input?

I was wondering if there is a monitor out there that can support 1080p component input while supoorting 1920x1200 resolution on a PC as well.

I have seen 2 monitors that interest me and I have no idea wether they can support 1080p resolutions (Like a PS3 for example)

Samsung 244T
Dell 2405FPW

Any input on the subject would be appreciated.
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  1. Yes, 1080p = 1080 lines of resolution. The 24" have 1200 vertical. Presuming it maps 1x1, should display the entire image with only small black zones above and below.

    Also, BenQ has a new 24"... it's either just recently on the market or anticipated soon.
  2. As far as I'm aware there's pretty much no "perfect" option for a LCD monitor/TV,

    Dell 2407's component input is screwed which is a major problem with the model

    Samsung's 244 can do 4:3 aspect ok (letterboxing with no stretching) but I'm pretty sure widescreen stretches to 19:10

    BenQ's new model has the same problem reportedly, stretching standard widescreen to 19:10

    so if your willing to put up with the roughly 10% stretched aspect vertically (1920x1200 rather than 1920x1080) then there's a few options for you but if you want a proper 1080p screen with no stretching over the component inputs then your only real option is an LCD TV :(

    however you can always run it through your computer (like a dvd drive or a blue ray drive) with an Nvidia card and force a standard 1080p res without any stretching

    I've been looking for a good LCD Monitor/TV too unfortunatly it's looking like i'm going to have to settle for one with some flaws (BenQ's new monitor is looking like the best btw)
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