21" CRT monitor

Hi all!I'd like some advise on buying a used crt 21"monitor.I've found a guy who is selling this one:


He told me the asking price is 200 EUR (256$).I would like to ask when was this model first introduced in the market because...well the price doesn't seem right!I mean this is a professional's monitor.What's your opinion on the asking price?Thanks.
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  1. http://www.pcworld.com/article/id,101968-page,1/article.html

    Looks like from this review of the Best of 2004 is when the monitor came out.

    Also states asking price at that time was $1169 USD or $911 EUR. Price they are asking is near what I paid to get a 2 year old 21" crt Dell Trinitron.
  2. OK thanks.
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