19" TFT with decent viewing angles help please

Hello all,

I am after a good gaming monitor with decent viewing angles and contrast, I am prepared to lose a bit of speed for excellent viewing angles (I have a thing about viewing angles :) ) I mainly play WoW and FPS games but hate having restricted range of vision, I have had a few TFT monitors in the past and had to get rid of a Viewsonic and Benq model due to poor angles, I currently have a Samsung SyncMaster 172X that is excellent but I want a larger screen.

I was thinking the Samsung 970P as it has supberb angles, but the latency problems concern me.

Any help or advise would be great (I have read lots of guides but they have made me even more confused tbh) I really want to order this today.

Cheers Guys.
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  1. The 970P just uses a PVA. If you want the best viewing angles and quality go with S-IPS.

    I would take a look at the NEC1990FX this has a 6ms response time viewing angles of 89/89/89/89 and uses an S-IPS panel.
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