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Hey everyone! I’ve been lurking here for years & love the site & now I have a question. I have a Samsung 204T which I love & am wondering if you can have 2 PC’s connected to it at the same time – one through the digital & the other through the analog input. Then switch between them with the source select either with the OSM or the physical button.

Samsung’s website is sorely lacking & the manual is also…

I want to try to avoid buying another monitor & understand that the KVM switches out there don’t get along with wireless desktops plus my main PC is digital so if I went the KVM way, the switch would cost as much as a smaller monitor.

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  1. Why not try it and see what happens? IMO logically it should work.
  2. The neat thing about KVM switches IMO is that you can hide the computers in a wardrobe or something. But yeah, you are probably right - they can be quite costly.
  3. Not sure if it is as simple with Samsung but most NEC LCD's haev a select button on the bottom front bezel adn you just hit this to toggle between computers.
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