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Looking at buying a new monitor, was considering 19" but now i think i want to go for a widescreen 20"-21" LCD. What are some good monitors i should consider? Im looking for quality with a reasonable price, nothing over $450. Is widescreen worth it for gaming or should i stick with a nice 19"?
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  1. You may have already answered your own question. In a recent search I performed myself, decent widescreens aren't found for $450.

    You can find lower resolution widescreens, even HDTV widescreens which could work, (but the HDTV's will be considerably lower resolution than a 19" LCD).

    To get a good 20-21" would probably run $750 (with a decent resolution for its size).

    I like widescreen for games that support it. I have a widescreen laptop and I have enjoyed those games that add some extra peripheral vision, but some games just stretch the screen which is lame.

    IMHO, for your price range, I'd concentrate on a quality 19" (or an adequate 19" and pocket the change).
  2. try dell's 2005 if you can find it, or the samsung 204B is supposed to be good.
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