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right now i have 2 computers running through my gateway vx1120 crt monitor (which has an a/b signal button to switch between them) and i just got a rosewill r913j lcd with dvi and d-sub inputs is there a way to run both computers through this monitor and switch back and forth?
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  1. I can not beleive how many looks you got on this and no one replies.......is everyone here clueless???????

    Yes there is a way...its called a kvm switch, Walmart sells them about 20.00 bucks I think and thats what I am running right now, very nice and it switches easy......you just hit the scroll lock twice in a row and BAM........computer swap. The brand they sell is iogear and its a dream. Let me know if you have anymore questions.
  2. thanks for help i figured it out awhile ago but yes i think the people here are clueless or just rude ,well thanks for the info anyway nice to know 1 person out there is helpful!
  3. I have the same thing & it works great. Got mine at Fry's for $20
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