17" LCD Monitor with 1024x768 Native Resolution

I would like to find a 17" (or 19") LCD Monitor with 1024 x 768 NATIVE RESOLUTION. Does anyone make such monitors? If not, which higher resoution monitor can display crisp text when a higher native resolution is lowered to 1024x768?

When you lower the resolution of a high resoution monitor, the text no longer is crisp. For those who would like to read large crisp text, a big monitor with lower NATIVE RESOLUTION like 1024x768 seems the only way to get larger and crisp text.

Thanks for anyone who can comment on it.
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  1. Edit: Here's a couple:

    Ironically, you're probably going to find a 1024x768 native res. on a really cheap 17inch LCD. Look for the cheapest 17 inch on newegg.com or something. Then check out the specs.

  2. I don't think you will find a 17" LCD monitor having a native resolution of 1024x768.

    Expect 17" LCD monitors to have a native resolution of 1280x1024.

    If you are spending a lot of time working with text (documents, web pages) then you will quickly discover that this native resolution of 1280x1024 is unacceptable for your eyes. You will not be able to look at such small letters for a long time.

    So, if you prefer working with the 1024x768 resolution, you have to find a workaround.

    The Control Panel->Display properties allows you to:
    - increase the Windows font size from 'Normal' to 'Large fonts' and
    - increase the DPI(dots per inch) setting from 96 to 120.

    If you're satisfied after applying these changes, then it's ok.

    But if you're not, then my opinion is to buy a good CRT monitor (IIyama, Samsung, Philips, NEC, Dell, LG, IBM, Sony, Hitachi, Fujitsu-Siemens, etc, whatever you prefer).

    On my 17" LCD monitor, using the 1024x768 resolution, I've discovered only two settings that have really improved the quality of the text.

    1. Check the sharpness setting of your LCD monitor panel! For example, in my opinion, text looks much clearer on my BenQ FP71G+ LCD monitor after I've changed the sharpness setting value to 1 instead of 3(preset value by the manufacturer)

    2. In Control Panel->Display->Appearance->Effects, set the "Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts" checkbox and then select the ClearType value of the combo box.

    To draw a conclusion, an LCD monitor is not for everyone, despite marketing people would say.

  3. SyncMaster 740N 17" from Samsung
    I wanted it to be 1280/1024 but it looks a bit distorted at that rez (ran some tests to confirm) but its best picture quality is at 1024/768 (native according to my Nvidia graphics control panel) disappointing for me but i bet you would like it. its a great monitor I've been using it for a long time running.

    I look it up on sites but they say its 1280/1024 but I don"t see it optimal at that resolution I'm going with my graphics panel on this one and keeping it at 1024/768. the letters on txt at 1280/1024 fade out in some places but on 1024/768 they look crisp.
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