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Hello all, Thanks in advance for your help.

I'm looking to upgrade my monitor to a new LCD one, but have a question about recommended resolutions. I have for some reason always use 800x600, but most monitors I have been looking at say to use 1280x1024. What happens when you do not use the recommended resolution? Picture quality not as good? ghosting or not sure what would happen? I do a lot of FPS games like BF2, AA, ect...

Thanks again for your help
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  1. You want to use the native resolution. With few exceptions.

    I run at 1920x1200. You get used to it. You'll get used to 1600x1200 or whatever resolution you go with. You have to remember that if you get a bigger monitor you'll want to use a higher resolution or it'll just look too big.
  2. Yeah, that what she always says...
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