Please tell me if i should go for lcd tv rather than monitor?
I'm looking at 20inch tv or 19inch lcd monitor.
What i'd like to know is whether tv is good as lcd monitor?

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  1. Usually TV has lower resolution (pixels are bigger). So for me, I would rather get the monitor. But if you want the larger pixel size, get the TV. Check the true resolution before you take my words as gospel, however.


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  2. Don't be misled about the "larger pixel size" message. The size of pixels on a LCD TV and a LDC monitor with the same resolution are the same. For instance, a 20" LCD TV with a native of 1024 x 768 and a 20" LCD monitor with a native resolution of 1024 x 768 have the same size pixel.

    But, as you are considering different size flat panels (19" versus 20"), the size pixel arguement is correct.

    The primary difference between a LCD TV and a LCD monitor is the number of video inputs. A LCD pc monitor usually has only one or more DVI inputs or one or more VGA inputs. More likely, a LCD monitor will have one DVI input and one VGA input.

    On the other hand, a LCD TV will have the DVI and VGA inputs as well as one or more composite inputs, one or more component inputs, and one or more s-video inputs. In addition some LCD TV will have builtin TV tuners, either standard or high definition.

    So, once you decide on screen size, resolution, and response rate, you will decide if you want more than two video inputs or have TV functionality.

    Lastly, folks are going for wide screen resolutions for high defintion viewing from a HD tv tuner or DVD movies, which are all in high definition wide screen resolutions.

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  3. thanks for the info,
    assuming 20inch monitor vs tv , same resolution, isn't monitor more expensive than a tv?
    That's why i wanted to know whether monitor is better because of higher cost.
  4. I'd say go for the LCD TV. You'll get more for your money that way.
  5. I am also in the situation of picking out a LCD TV or LCD Monitor.

    I want to be able to play my xbox 360 in HDTV when I get it and able to pc game and do professional web design on it as well. Is 1280x720 good enuff for a PC monitor or not? I really wish I could see one or pics of one that has a PC hooked up to it.
  6. 26inch LCD TV cost usd 750 resolution stated as 1024x768. Should i get this or go for lcd at the same price or cheaper. I watch movies, play games, surf and my wife uses for programming.
    Pls advice. Thanks. Is the resolution too less for the amount?
  7. is a tv as good as a monitor - not if your talking about pc use. if your talking about movies/tv then a tv is better. read this:

    i would keep the tv and monitor seperate if you can, that is if you want to avoid a compromise. "convergence" just hasn't happened yet as much as some people want to believe. they do say good things about the vp191b here:

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