Hyundai L90D+ v. Dell 2005fpw

I am planning on purchasing my first LCD screen. I use my computer primary for FPS gaming and looking at webpages, but I do watch the occasional video. I can get the Hyundai monitor for about 60 dollars cheaper than the Dell, and it is probably better for gaming. The only problem is that I know a lot of the new games coming out are going to have widescreen support, and I would also like the widescreen for watching movies occasionally. I heard that the hyundai was not very good for watching videos, and a bigger monitor would be nice.

So the question is does anyone have either of these monitors? Is the dell good for gaming, and/or is the hyundai good for watching videos? I want to spend under $450, and these seem to be the two best monitors for that price range. Any other information or opinions that you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any help.
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  1. Any thoughts at all?

    If it helps, I am leaning more towards the Dell 2005fpw. I have read many reviews on both monitors, and some say that the Dell is fine for gaming, others say it is bad. Anyone have the monitor, or know someone who does? I plan on mainly playing counter-strike source and Battlefield 2. So I guess the real question is, should I not buy the Dell monitor for any reason?
  2. I got the l90D+ a few months ago, the best buy I ever made. I have nothing to complain about the monitor as of yet, you do have to set the brightness a bit lower though. In games i see no speed difference between it and my CRT, and the colors are better, in fact. I don't watch a lot of DVD's, but a lot of divx movies, and IMO the L90D+ is good in that area as well.

    I'm not really a pro, I just act like one..
  3. Thanks for the information. I was leaning toward the Dell, but now you have made my decision harder. I also do not watch DVD's on my computer, just videos I download either in .avi or .mpeg format. So if the monitor is good for watching videos, I may go with that and spend the extra money to get a better video card.
  4. I purchased a Dell 2001FP about 1.5 years ago. Best thing I ever did. It's flawless on both World of Warcraft and CS:Source. I also just ordered the 2405FPW and it's being shipped right now.
  5. Thanks for the post. I have pretty much decided to go with the dell. Now I just have to wait for a good deal to come around.
  6. well i too have now about 1.5 year the Dell 2001FP,
    i am a hardcore and good Battlefield (2) gamer, no
    ghosting, superb monitor...and i am very intense, what i buy.
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