I bought a touch screen monitor - I think...

I was wondering if anyone here might know a thing or two about touch screens or might recommend a forum that hits this topic? I bought a touch screen crt locally expecting a serial connector on the back and expecting to determine touchscreen manufacturer for drivers but, there is no serial connector and i cant figure out who manufactured the touch interface - or is it even a touch screen? Seller knows very little other than it came from a kiosk in a grocery store. There are a bunch of boards inside but this is the first time ive seen inside a computer monitor to know if all monitors have these boards. The actual monitor is a hitachi. also, there are 8 small pins on the back (small like power/switch/led connections on a mobo) if that means anything.

I bought this to build a virtual jukebox.

Thanks for your input!
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  1. How old is the monitor? If it is fairly new it will have a serial/usb connection on it for the touch screen part of it. If it is old the extra connection(s) on the back are probably proprietary to the cash register it came off of.

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  2. im going to go with folken on this and say its a proprietary connection.

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