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I'm not sure whether this should be posted here, as I don't even know for sure whether it's a problem with my monitor or my computer itself, but anyway. A few days ago my LCD screen, a BenQ FP71E+, started turning black for around 2-3 seconds each time, occurring around every half an hour. The day after it started getting worse and evey ten minutes the screen would turn black without fail. I must also note that the monitor's light doesn't turn off onto stand-by - it just turns black and no lights on the monitor indicate that anything is happening at all. Then, my computer screen started getting discoloured, and certain shortcut icons on my desktop were getting red lines through them. When I put on Firefox, the top of the page had numerous blue dots on and loads of blue lines too. Even my mouse had a red line that followed it round, as though it had become part of it (the part that makes me think it's not a monitor problem). Earlier on, this happened (the black screen was popping up every few seconds making it impossible to use) and then my computer just froze on me. I need some serious help with this and I hope anybody could give me assistance. Thanks in advance.
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  1. I've seen stuff like that before too.. thankfuly not on my own machine.

    the good news is its not your monitor. I was at first thinking that it might be a bad connection, twisted pin or something... but i doubt it. mouse thing make me believe its more then that. i really don't know this sorta of stuff.

    My recommendation is to post in the Graphics card or motherboard thread... perhaps both.

    but do check back here also

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  2. Things to try if you haven't already:
    - Reseat the graphics adapter
    - check cable connections
    - Try the monitor on another computer to eliminate it as the problem
    - if you are using a seperate graphics adapter and your mobo has an on board VGA (or better) connection, re enable it and try that to see if the graphics adapter might be the problem
    - Reinstall the graphics drivers or install the latest version drivers

    Just some suggestions
  3. There's a couple of possibilities:

    * See if your video card is plugged in tight. Of course, you should check that cables are plugged in tight first. But otherwise, you can open up the computer and see if maybe the video card's become loose.

    * Corrupt LCD circuitry. This doesn't really mean that the circuitry is bad, but that due to a power spike or a variety of other reasons, the settings might have become corrupt. This may be true if the power LED toggles from on to off based on whether or not you have a VGA cable (or DVI cable) connect to the monitor. If you do, then unplug the power cable from the monitor, unplug the AC adapter's power cable from the wall, and then let it sit for a while as the capacitors discharge their electricity. Then plug it back in and see if it works.

    * Bad AC adapter. LCD monitors need a good clean power source. If the AC adapter's starting to go bad, then the LCD is going to suffer.

    * Bad motherboard. If your computer froze, that's not a good sign. Overheating? It might also mean that your video card (or motherboard) is burning out or something.

    * Bad LCD circuitry. This really does mean you need a replacement. However, I put this last because people tend to blame the monitor first even if the problem is somewhere else. At Amptron, the majority of our RMA turns out to be perfectly functioning monitors, but just turns out that they had something installed incorrectly. Unfortunately, the monitor is where you'll see problems no matter where the cause really is. So you should check out other stuff as well, not just the monitor.

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  4. Is your vid card overheating? That would be my guess. your vid card could have gotten too hot and started shutting down or the gpu started to burn (I did something similar while overclocking on my old vid card)

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  5. Thanks everyone for your help. I've managed to get it working again. I opened up my computer, took everything out and then re-connected everything back up to make sure it all was perfect. I then got the latest nvidia drivers for my video card and motherboard. I haven't had a problem since. So, thanks again for all your suggestions!
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