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Hello there

I have an old Iiyama Visionmaster Pro 21" monitor. I've had it for around 7 years and always been totally happy with it and have no plans to replace it. It has d-sub and bnc inputs.

I have recently purchased a 6800GT graphics card and connected it to this monitor with a s-dub extention cable as my monitor is just a little bit too far from my pc to use the standard cable. Now though I've got ghosting on my screen. I've not really noticed it before with my old graphics card (a ti4600) but can't swap back to check because it died (hence my upgrade).

My question(s) - do you think it could be a dodgy graphics card causing the ghosting? Could a 6800gt be more susceptible to bad cabling (ie a cheap extension cable) than a ti4600?

I've just got a bit more interested in image quality and all since I bought my new graphics card - I want everything to be perfect. When trying to fix the ghosting I reset my monitor to factory default settings - wow, what a revelation - the colours suddenly were 10 times more vibrant and the screen looked soooo much better - I've obviously had a play in the past and screwed up the settings and not really noticed. That's what has got me interested in trying to get things better.

So, another question. If I ditch my dodgy monitor extension cable and buy a decent shielded one (if people think that could be what's causing the ghosting) should I stick with standard d-sub? My graphics card has a dvi output so I could go for a dvi to d-sub or dvi to bnc. Is there any point in doing this?

Sorry for all the questions but I'd really like to get this sorted. I've just been out and spent loads of money on a 6800gt that I was really excited about getting and the ghosting problem has kind of spoilt the fun of getting this new graphics card and made me regret buying it when I could have got a much cheaper 6600 or whatever.

Thanks in advance
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  1. I think it's your dodgy cable. I think the various signals are bleeding over each other.

    And since we're going by opinion, I'm fairly certain BNC and VGA cables have the same signal wires, so there shouldn't be a noticable difference between D-Sub and BNC. I've tested that, even though many people used to tell me BNC was better, I couldn't see the difference. Of course all my D-Sub cables were top grade, the difference they MAY have seen could have been caused by comparing a cheap D-Sub cable to a high-end BNC cable.

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  2. Hey there

    Yeah, it appears that is the case. I removed the extension cable and the ghosting has gone. Simple as that.

    I didn't expect it to eb that though as it was ok before I replaced my graphics card but it seems that my 6800gt is much for sensitive to bad cabling than my ti4600. Odd but it appears that's the case.

    As for BNC v d-sub then I'll just stick with d-sub if you think there's practically no difference.

    Thanks for taking the time to get back to me.

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