Is the LG L1730S/B Contrast so low?

I read the review about the LCD 17 monitors, here:

very good and extensive review :)

in this page

is written that the measured contrast is 1:240.

is it correct? because the 1720B got 1:393 and the 710T got 1:550, I think that all the other monitors got more than 1:240.
is it possible that the 1730S has so low contrast?

soon I will buy new LCD 17 monitor and I have to know if it's correct.

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  1. contrast's value is over-rated
    what's really important is that the color you see will be correct and exact.
    higher contrast doesn't necessarily indicates higher quality
    as you can see, color quality for the L1720B is rather avrage and should satisfy you
  2. anyway, in my opinion 1:240 is very low, too much low.
    and I know that the contrast is over-rated, but in this monitor its a joke. from 1:550 to 1:240 ?
    take for example the samsung or the 1720B, the real contrast is only 1:50 less the written contrast (1:600->1:550, 1:450->1:393)
    in the 1730 case, the real contrast is 1:310 (!!) less than the written contrast.
    maybe this monitor is quite good, but in my opinion its a big failure of LG.
    am I wrong?
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