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Well first SORRY for my bad english, well i have 2 HD's 500GB Spinpoint Samsung SATA II and i'm buying a new computer:

Gigabyte GA-X48-DQ6
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
Radeon HD 4850
2x2GB Corsair CMX2 800mhz
PSU: 600w real power+++ from a good company corsair, zalman, etc..


and i know if i change the HD's to raid.. everything will be wiped out ok.. and is that true i can make RAID 0+1 with 2 HD's with Intel Matrix?? But with 2x500GB i will have 1TB in RAID 0+1 to use or only 500GB cus the second HD will be used as mirror for backup?? Please help me out!! I Beg you guys i don't want to screw with my comp that i doesnt even bought yet..

And it's easy to change the volume between RAID 0 and 1?? example:

C: 30GB (For Windows XP Sp3)
D: 50GB (For Vista X64 Ultimate SP1)
E: 300GB (For All my Games)
F: 550GB~ (For videos, Movies, Music, Documents, Stuff like that, etc..)

The three first partition RAID 0 and the last one RAID 1 is that possible??

And about my comp config i accept some advice about PSU or whatever you guys think its better THANK YOU!
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  1. I've changed my mind.. RAID 0+1 with 2 hD 500GB .. only 2 partition with 250gb will be possible to make.. so what do you guys think about

    1st partition: 250GB with Vista X64 SP1 with games
    2nd partition: 250GB with movies, documents, etc...

    And use my other 250GB as External HD with conection SATA II just to keep the most important files??
  2. A good move. Backup backup backup. Did I mention backup? Drives fail - take the hit on capacity and buy another drive in the future when it's full ...
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