Beware Viewsonic!

I spent close to $800 on a Viewsonic P225f 22" CRT, thinking I was getting a quality product. A year later, it stopped working. It started with little sparks on the screen. The sparks got larger and more frequent. Yesterday, they were so frequent that the monitor would then go black and repaint the desktop image, only to have another spark cause it to repeat the process. I ended up having to buy a new monitor -- NOT a Viewsonic. I wrote to tech support on their web site and their submit button took me to a page-not-found error. I guess they don't want to hear about it. I'll never buy a Viewsonic again.
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  1. must admit i've experienced the same problems with my viewsonic mine off ebay that most likely has something to do with it as well...just hate to see montiors going way before their time though. sad.
  2. Yea, viewsonic used to be ok but they have been putting out some very crapy screens lately. I've even seen burn in on lots of their LCDs! lol. I know that shouldn't be possible but I've seen it.

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  3. I'd have used the warranty to get a replacement.

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