Planar PL1700M-BK LCD - 17inch review

Hi folks,

I am looking for a reasonably priced LCD Flat Panel monitor that will be used for gaming ( not extreme gaming ) like with strategy games and action shooters.

I play American Conquest, Rise of Nations and Call of Duty.

I have had great experiences with Planar and was wondering if anybody thinks the PL1700M-BK monitor would be a good choice ? It currently sells for 300.00 USD.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. thanks - jg1234
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  1. Don't know what your budget is but there are some 'reasonably priced' and very fast 19" LCD panels out there now. I mention this because I migrated from 17 to 19 recently and the difference in real estate contributes to a enhanced gameing experience. I play some FPS but more EQ and WoW which are not so frame intensive. I have a Hyundai L90D+ (which has a thread in this forum) which can be bought for between 380 - 410. But there are gobs of good panels coming out that are just as good. There is a lot of personal preference involved here too.
    Never saw the Planar but they seem to have a loyal following. I posted some monitor review links in other threads in this forum. Most have prices too. If you can't find that info let me know and I will repost here.
    Good luck.
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