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My old monitor fizzled out yesterday (Iiyama Pro 400) after 5 years of use. I was looking at prices for new 19" and there seemed to be several under $200. Will I get decent quality from these monitors (the NEC mitsubishi ones for $190 on are my first choice.) I'm not expecting the same image quality as the Iiyama but I need something decent for gaming. What are your experiences with this type of monitor?
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  1. That will most likely be a pretty good monitor but the FE991SB will be well worth the extra money. The difference between a regular CRT and a flat tube as far as image quality goes is very big. I feel an Aperture Grille is far superior to a normal CRT monitor.

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  2. The Samsung SyncMaster 997DF I bougth about 2 days at circuit City for 199.00 + tax. An amazing minitor! You will Not be disapointed. Their is no other monitor in it's price range that is even remotly as good quality.

    Im playing World of warcraft right now at 2048X1536 at 60Hz With no slowdowns at all the detail and color of the monitor is astonishing.
  3. 60Hz? How do you do that? Do you not see the flicker?

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  4. 60hz!


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  5. I found the 997df to be quite crappy...blurry text, very grainy image, good color, and a normal crt screen it's actually not flat.

    If your not running your desktop at anything above 1024x768, the viewsonic G90FB is an excellent monitor for the money. THe screen is very slightly curved but in use you can't even tell at all, it looks perfectly flat.
  6. Some people just have really poor eye sight.
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