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I'm about to buy a DVD recorder... I like the <A HREF="http://www.de.nec.de/productdetail.php/id/1133" target="_new">NEC ND-3500</A>, hearing positive references on the drive.

It's pretty fast, writing DVD±R at 16x, but DVD±RW still at 4x. That's where I'm unsure, since 5500KB/s on the rewritable disc seems a bit too slow. Don't you think that after a month or two, 8x DVD±RW drives will flood the market, and taking 20 minutes to burn a rewritable disc will be pain in the butt? Is it good to buy now or wait?

Thanks for your time.

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  1. buy now
    soon there is gonna be 24x then 32x

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  2. Yeah, I've bought that drive, and it's great.

    However, I doubt there'll ever be 32x DVD burning drives. 32x would mean 44000KB/s, and that, I think, is way beyond theoretical maximum of DVD discs.

    Come to speak of it, I would be surprised if anything faster than 16x would come out. 16x for DVDs is like 52x for CDs. Won't get higher than that.
  3. yeah, 16x is the highest for DVD

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  4. Yes, 16x will probably be the limit for DVDs, just as ~52x is as fast as you'll find a CD-RW. You just can't spin a DVD disc faster then 16x without it flying apart.

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