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Ok I know this question sounds stupid, but I am absolutely baffled. Now, I have this rather old philips 15" lcd monitor. The problem is, whenever I turn on the light on the ceiling that is quite far from the monitor, I would see a reflection of that light on the monitor itself. It is especially obvious if the screen is displaying dark colours. It seriously affects playing games, so is there any filters or something I can get for this problem? Moving the monitor isn't really an option because that would involve moving loads of furniture. I know this question really sound stupid but I kinda need suggestions here. THx in advance
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  1. Do you actually see the light fixture? Or is it light reflecting off stuff in the room (ie walls, furniture, etc.)

    If you see the actual ceiling fixture, see if it's possible to tilt the screen down. But maybe that's too stupid of an answer. :)

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  2. yea, I have already tilted it all the way down to the lowest possible viewable angle, but the problem persists. How I wish I was using a CRT monitor, there were no such problems then. Don't anyone experience this problem with LCD?
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