Best graphics card under £200

Hey guys doing m first pc build and was wondering if the best gpu was the 660ti that is under £200 , and what does TI mean ? Thanks tell me any better cards !i like the nvidia original version of this card !
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  1. You see the Boost between GTX 660 and GTX 660 Ti?
    Thats the power of Ti :lol:

  2. Well from NV side the 660 Ti is the best under £200 and from amd side the 7950 is the best under £200.
  3. Ti stands for Titanium. It's the higher/ more performing card then the non Ti card. A 660Ti is a pretty beast card I'm not familiar with Euro's so maybe you can help me here. I would say unless you could get idk a 7950 which goes neck and neck with a 660Ti I would say that is your best option. I would think that the 670 is a bit expensive and out of your reach considering your limit.
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