7950 £200! worth it over my HD6950?

Ok, I contribute fairly regularly to this Forum, but now I need some advice from cooler heads.
A company here in th UK is selling the XFX DD HD 7950 for just over £200.
I'm torn between the urge to upgrade my existing (flashed to HD6970) HD 6950 to this HD7950 and my own hatred of spending money ;).
The plan is to get the 7950 and E-bay the 6950 while it's still worth the listing fee.
This will be the 'mid life' upgrade for my current rig BTW.
Specs are in my profile.
Your thoughts are?...
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  1. I guess the question you need to ask yourself is this....Is your current GPU not meeting your needs in some way? If not. then wait. If so, the HD7950 will increase your video performance a good bit.

    Good luck!
  2. Thanks, COLGeek.
    It's starting to suffer with a few games...Poor little thing.
    Just hit the 'buy' button...On it's way now.
    If you're in the UK and want a bargain it's here:


    Go get 'em! :) .
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