£300 budget 7950 too much for my 4100fx?

I have a 300£ budget for a new gpu , ideally want too play stuff like BF3 on ultra and the new black ops.

Currently have a fx4100 4.2ghz , 8gB 1600 vengance ram, Fatal1ty 750w psu , and sapphire 6770 .

Please dont go on about how crap fx4100's are, would like too know whats the best card i can get w/o bottlenecking my system , or what i can do with my 300£ budget for my gpu/system

and i play at 1920/1080 res atm

thanks if you can share any ideas
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  1. I wouldn't really go above an HD 7850 or HD 7870 with an FX 4100. If you had an FX 8XXX CPU, it would make more sense, but putting the lowest end FX CPU with a rather high-end GPU doesn't sound like a smart move. OC the CPU if you haven't, just so the bottleneck is lessened if you go the HD 7850/HD 7870 route.
  2. It came at 3.6ghz and now is 4.2ghz runs fine dont know how much higher i can go , not really good with pc's :D. Ok so max a 7870.

    Ok so max a 7870, would a 660ti be better?
  3. Would a 660ti or 660 be better for CPU than 7850/70 ?
  4. Mate no problem! Believe me. I have a AMD llano 3850 and it is running perfect with my AMD 7950! Quad core nowadays (+2,6) + GPU Clock = runtastic!
  5. Sorry I couldn't answer earlier. Actually, looking at it from a future proofing and upgrading perspective,I would recommend the HD 7950 at this point.

    With the HD 7950, you'll (obviously) see higher performance with it than the HD 7870. Of course, a bottleneck will be present and more significant than with the HD 7870 or HD 7850, but your OC should help compensate for the bottleneck (won't remove it though). I assume you have a decent AM3+ motherboard, so you can always upgrade to a better FX CPU down the line and keep the HD 7950.

    Basically, just get the best you can afford at this point, and eventually upgrade the CPU so your card isn't as held back with the FX 4100.
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