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Hello everyone,

Im looking for some advice on which graphics card to buy, i have a £200 limit and i want it to run graphics heavy games such as Battlefield 3 & also want to be able to run DayZ on high settings.

That one graphics card i have been looking at

And that the other one.

Can you please tell me which you would suggest, power isn't really a problem as i will be buying a 600W power supply aswell.
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  1. I'd go for this myself:

    Of the cards in your links, though this is the one I'd go for:

    As always, make sure the rest of the system is up to the job.
    Do NOT get a cheap 'high Wattage' power supply-they're ususally very poor quality and lack protection. Stick with the better makers: Corsair, OCZ, Antec, Silverstone, FSP, PC Power and Cooling and Seasonic.
  2. hi thanks for the reply,

    im going to be ordering OCZ 600W, wouldnt go for a cheap one not worth the risk. and do you think it would be worth installing two of these card:

    or do you think i will just get the same performance from the card that you linked?
  3. It's not worth installing two HD 7770s for sure. Get a single HD 7950.
  4. okay thanks for the advice :)
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