Basic GPU for 3 monitor set-up under £100 (NOT eyefinity etc)

Hi guys,

Im looking for a cheap GPU (under 100GBP, preferably a lot cheaper!!), for a basic 3 monitor set-up.

I have 1 larger widescreen monitor which I want to watch movies and TV on, monitor number 2 for internet browser, monitor number 3 for photoshop and uni work. Gaming power is not needed!!

I do not need gaming across 3 monitors. When I try to google this, all I seem to get is results for Eyefinity and stuff. I dont think I need this!!

My last GPU was a HD5670, which had 3 ports, HDMi, DVI and DisplayPort. I tried to connect 3 monitors, but Windows only recognised 2, I did some research and found out I needed an active adaptor for my PC to recognise all 3. However, before I could order the active adaptor, my GPU went faulty on me!!

So, my question is, what GPU should I buy? what output ports should I aim to get on the GPU? and will I still need the active adaptor?

My setup is Windows 7 Pro, i5-2400 CPU, 8GB RAM

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  1. Ok the Sapphire 6450 Flex will work for what you need I think. It will support 3 monitors and does NOT need Display Port to do it. It has 2 DVI and one HDMI ports. But comes with a adapter to go from HDMI>DVI so you could run 3 monitors with DVI. But it also has a DVI>VGA adapter also. Found it on Newegg hope that helps.
  2. can anyone confirm if a HD6450 will definatly work 3 monitors with an active adaptor. Also, will any 6450 work, or do I need one with a specific output config. Steve
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