What card should I get for a budget of £200

Can someone elect the most capable card at my budget, can perform sli or crossfire
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  1. I would wait until tomorrow (Sept 13) and see what price and performance the Nvidia GTX 660 (not TI) launches with.

    That's when the new card and reviews should be going up according to: http://www.fudzilla.com/home/item/28663-nvidia-gtx-660-reviews-delayed-to-september-13th

    Those reviews will be really up-to-date to compare cards in your price range. I've seen people speculate about the GTX 660 being $200-250 US which is probably in your price range.
  2. More around the $330 price bracket
  3. Remember that prices here in Europe are higher than oversees.

    Check this thread I made:

  4. At US $330, I would personally buy an overclocked GTX 660 TI. However, most people would direct you to an AMD 7950. The 7950 is probably similar--if not a little better--performance, but some people report driver issues depending on your hardware. You might not have any though.

    But like Sunius said, you might really be looking at US $250 cards because of higher prices in Europe. Check out his links for GTX 660.
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