Monitor Purchase - Cheap ~$100 -15-17" Where/What?

Hey guys,

-Looking for cheap CRT 15-17inch monitor, wondering what to go with and where, I can get a listing of several monitors around $100 with, but haven't heard of the name brands on the cheaper end, naturally.

Input on where and who to go with would be great. Flat screen would be nice, but looking for price and quality first.



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  1. I bought a decent CTX 17" on newegg for a bit over $100. 17"ers start at $80 something so it's doable.

    I bought mine with free shippping on special so that made a big difference. Keep your eyes open. It's really the shipping costs, or lack there of, that can make a huge difference.

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  2. -thought newegg always free shipping on Monitors no?

    EDIT: Looking at differect area of their site now and no they don't, was it over a certain price then? New they had free shipping on monitors before heck I bought one a year back, did they change something or is it indeed of a certain price and over?

    About CTX: So you say it hasn't given you any trouble? What of picture, notice a difference between your model and more expense / more well know names?


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  3. Free shipping only on specials, usually new introductions of a product.

    The good news is Newegg usually balances the price when they start charging for shipping.

    For example, a little over a year ago I purchased a Viewsonic 19" monitor for $203 w/ free shipping. A month later the monitor was about $175 but with $30 shipping (not sure on the exact amounts but you get the idea). The point is there was only a couple of dollars net increase after the special ended.

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  4. I was going to buy a 22" from them but the shipping went UP to $45. That pissed me off.

    I would say that the $100 monitor was good, but obviously the dot pitch and clarity isn't as good as a nicer monitor. You get what you pay for no doubt. For $100 I felt like I got my money's worth at least.

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