£200 budget, need to run planetside 2 on max

hey guys
my computer is currently running an msi 5450 card, this runs league of legends just fine and tribes ascend on lowest settings (shonky frame rates)

i've had a look around but the prices seem to vary alot from place to place and it's hard to decide if i'm getting a good deal or not.

I'm just looking for a card that will run planetside 2 super smooth at max settings.

P.S a couple of games on my steam account (e.g 40k space marine) won't run at all, they just flicker about and crash, is this a graphics card/ driver problem? and if so will a better card fix this?
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  1. Hi.

    Please give us your system specs, specially your psu. Also your res.
  2. i'm running I5 2500k, 8GB RAM, 750watt psu. i run through my 32" 720p screen
    earlier today i picked up an asus 1GB 4870 from my friend. but i'm having trouble.
    when i run the HDMI now, i get no signal at all. i've tried setting up many ways and in every port possible.
    i also tried a VGA connection, success! until i install the drivers and restart the system, now it comes up with 'invalid format' instead of no signal, on VGA. tried the HDMI connection again, still no signal!!
  3. You want a card that only can handle that game or maybe more demanding games in the future also, for planetside you could get away with a low end gpu.
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