New Graphcis Card for ~£100

Hi all,
I'm after a new card to upgrade from a very outdated (but still chugging along great :D) 8600GT.

My max budget is really around the £100 mark and I guess what I'm asking is whats my best solution given todays prices.

WIll be used mainly for gaming, high settings would be nice but medium settings will do. Currently at 1650x1050 but possiblyt looking to go up to 1920x1080 in the near future with a new monitor.

I've seen the following from scan:

which seems like a great option at under £100 however I quite often see people saying the 6850 is a much better option and simiarly priced I;m not sure which to go for. I'm still using an aging 500W PSU so the 7770's power draw is appealing but not at the cost of performance if the 6850 is still better.

Also I'm open to opinions for anything up the £125-130 range but it really really would be absolute max.

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  1. Decided to stretch my budget even further by £30 and went for the MSI 7850 2GB OC, good idea?
  2. O yah ! :D
  3. HD 7850 is a VERY good choice :).
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