CCC won´t open

Im having big troubles with amd control center, it just don´t open when i click on it i got a blank page, i have done everything on the net trying to resolve this issue and nothing. now i´m getting trouble with my gpu, getting hot by doing nothing like 58c i´m controlling the fan with speed fan but at "idle" and at 60% fan is at 45c , before 40c at 21-27% was the norm.

Im thinking maybe is because the messed up driver. PLEASE HELP! :(
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  1. what you should do is download the latest driver from the amd website...then download ccleaner and driver fusion...install both of those programs then uninstall the amd drivers....reboot and boot into safe safe mode run ccleaner (do both the registry cleaner and file cleaner) and then run driver fusion..reboot and install the latest drivers in regular windows....let me know if this fixes your issue.
  2. I´ve done that like 4 times and is the same. i don´t understand because everything was rigth and then one day just %$#!. I did what you said and nothing cause is like that how i update gpu drivers
  3. Not sure you have, not saying you did. A common problem people run into is using driver sweeper tools before installing new drivers.

    Not realising after wiping everything AMD also including Net Framework, a component needed for ccc to run is not included in most of their driver packages. It is however included with the original cd the graphics card came with.

    dumb isn’t it :\
  4. already installed that too, maybe i should try the outdated cd that came with the gpu?
  5. was it always like this? what happened?
  6. dunno, i have had installed 12.4, not any problem, a good day i wanted to config the fan and ... you know what´s going on. Erase the drivers with driver sweeper and all that stuff as i usually do, the problem keep going, checked that i didn´t have framework, funny because before that i´ve never experienced any kind of problem, but i installed it anyway, nothing! did it again now using driver cleaner also, nothing! I´m still in WTF world. :sweat:
  7. You can try, uninstall drivers and use the cd to reinstall. Download newest drivers afterwards if its ok then go through AMD's own options to uninstall first > reboot install new drivers.

    Whats your system specs plz?
  8. stay away from driver sweeper :)

    Only useful when changing brands :)
  9. hd 6850
    athlon 2 x3 440
    2 gb ram ddr2
    ocz modxtream pro 500w
    windows 7 home premium 32 bits

    Missing something?
  10. thats fine, thanks dude. Just easier to work with knowing the parts.

    I believe driver sweeper is the problem. If you manage to reinstall original drivers from the cd the card came with if all is working then you known the necessary components have been restored.

    When reinstalling new drivers, just double click the new driver installer let amd uninstall the drivers it needs to. You’ll be fine afterwards installing your new drivers.
  11. thanks, I´ll do that and let you know
  12. man it didn´t work in fact the colors were all messed up so i just uninstalled and installed the other, cutting the crap, nothing again and i don´t want to format. :(
  13. Were the colours pinkish? Check the monitor hz is set at 60.

    Try again, reinstall the original drivers. If it doesn’t work the 2nd time you may need to use driver sweeper one last time.

    The goal is to have your computer working normally with the original drivers. If you can do that, then reinstall latest drivers.

    Otherwise a system restore might be your best option instead of formatting.
  14. yeah the colors were somewhat pinkish if i could say so, i couldn´t even read.

    i have always the system restore turn off, precautions with malwares so that isn´t a viable option anymore. I have used driver sweeper (now driver fusion) like 4 times, don´t think that will be the key but i´ll do it again anyway. :(
  15. Im suggesting it because i ran into problems with a 5870. I used driver sweeper before installing newer drivers.

    Afterwards, ccc wouldn’t open after clicking it.

    So i uninstalled it, ran driver sweeper again and reinstalled with the cd it came with and all was good.

    There must be something extra the cd has that the downloadable drivers dont and everyone seems to point to Net frame work so dunno.

    Can try in combination of using AMD's own uninstaller and then install the original drivers from cd


    As above but use driver sweeper after using AMD's uninstaller.

    You'll get it hopefully but remember if the screen goes pink again, check the monitor hz is set to 60.

    It reset mine to like 30, albeit am using a tv, but still setting the hz back to 60 did the trick.
  16. Nothing again, checked the monitor hz and was set to 60. used driver fusion again and nothing. I really don´t know what to do i´m feeling like going in circles here.:??:

    i would have understand if everything got messed up after a reinstallation or something but everything was right then one day puff, no CCC. update and nothing, I always use driver sweeper when updating and this have never happen to me, I don´t get it.

    A few days ago there was a blackout and was exactly the same moment i was shutting down the pc, Do you think that´s the source? I can´t remember if the problems with CCC were after or before that but i feel my system a little unstable now.
  17. are you trying to install Catalyst Software Suite 12.8 from here?
  18. a black out usually wouldn’t cause any hardware to fail unless the power come back on and caused a power surge.

    Also fusion is a utility not the actual driver.
  19. fingers crossed :)
  20. and toes
  21. yeah it´s from there that i downloaded the driver and i know fusion is a utility. checking your link the driver that i got is like 100 mb but that is 145 mb but it´s the same catalyst 12.8. something new? should i try that instead?
  22. yes please, try it and see. Will hope for the best for you.
  23. oh no sorry the driver i posted is for 64bit :( youre right the driver you have is 32bit and is 100mb size
  24. was nothing, what happen is that you gave me the link for the 64 bits version but i got windows 7 32 bits, i think that i´m doomed and the only answer is to format. :(
  25. try a format dude, wished i could be more helpful. I'm hoping all is well after formatting. Good luck
  26. Thanks anyway, but right now i´ll deal with it until i got some things backed up :)
  27. yea cool noworries :)
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