viewsonic a90f or e90f

I'm going to buy a new 19 inch monitor. Right now viewsonic is looking like the most likely candidate since i can get that with free shipping :)

right now my choices are between an A90f and an E90f ... i cant really see much of a difference between the two monitors. does anyone know what the difference is between the two and any recommendations for either one?

The other monitor i'd consider is one from KDS since thats the monitor i'm replacing and it lasted 4 years which isnt bad.

Appreciate any suggestions,

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  1. I don't see that the a90f is made anymore, at least where I was looking. I have an e90f which had a problem after only 3 months. Everything black (especially noticable on the bootup screen) turned night-vision-goggle green. I just got the replacement back a couple of days ago. It sucked having to pay $30 to ship the bad monitor back and wait a few weeks.
    I had a Samsung 955DF for a few years and it was great. I sold it to a friend who really needed a monitor upgrade and he loves it too.
    I do like the ultra brite feature on the ViewSonic which is really helpful for games. I am now leery of their quality however.
  2. thanks. i may just order one from bestbuy since its free shipping to my place, and if it goes bad, theres a bestbuy local to me.
  3. Hmmm, pretty similar specs but why does the <A HREF="" target="_new">A90F+</A> only have a 1-year limited warranty in the USA but 3 years elsewhere while the <A HREF="" target="_new">E90F</A> has a 3-year limited warranty?

    I wish Viewsonic would bring the <A HREF="" target="_new">E92F+SB</A> to the USA because I prefer shadow mask CRTs. I'm happy with my E95 but it's no longer available and I need a second monitor.

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  4. THe main problem with a90F is it has a nasty reflection just below the screen. I can't seem to fix it for anything. It's even more obvious when using dark colors. it even does it during games. It can be ignored I spose. The a90f looks really good too, which is a damn shame. What the hell is viewsonic thinking?
  5. by below the screen i assume you mean under the glass... i.e. inside the screen and not below the screen near the bottom? is the reflection from something inside the monitor itself or just that the screen has bad glade? i.e. if its in a dark room there's no reflection
  6. i think one goes higher res at higher refresh. cs game server -
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  7. Well I don't know what the hell a glade is... but what I mean is just under the glass ie beneath. so the mouse will really be double. One in the forefront and a reflection just below the screen. hard to explain... yea and I've heard lots of other having this problem with this and the a75. I'll write a review on amazon or something... to discourage people from this shady company. I hear they really list outragoues stats for all their lcds as well...
  8. sorry .. glade was supposed to be glare.

    But from what you describe its not glare since glare wouldnt cause a dbl image of the mouse. I'll see if bestbuy has a floor model i can look at and see if it appears there. Worst case scenario i'll have to send the monitor back (if i order that one).
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