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I'm interested in purchasing this monitor, but it is out of stock at Hercules website. The only other US site that I can find that sells them is Amazon but they do not offer the DVI model.

Does anyone know of another US distributor that sells the DVI model?

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  1. I bought one last month and it was damaged in shipping. They told me to send it back, then they would credit my CC and I should buy another. Well now they no longer have them so I'm SOL. I emailed them and they have no information on when they'll be available again.

    But to answer your question, that is the only place that I'm aware of that sells (or used to sell) them.

    Sitting and soaking....
  2. There are some great 12ms monitors coming out in the next few months so don't fret :smile:
  3. Damn, that sucks. I was interested in it for gaming since it seems to be the best on the market. Plus, it looks really nice. :P Hopefully they will restock, otherwise I'm gonna have to do another round of research to determine if any of the 12ms ones are worth it over the Hydis panel, factoring price and construction into it.
  4. I feel your pain. I'm sitting here with cash in hand, ready to buy two 920 Pro DVIs and am also SOL. I'm redesigning my office and need a good pair of LCDs for graphic design/animation. Tom's sold me on the Hercules DVI - but no dice finding them. I'm starting to get radiation burns from sitting in front of my 21" CRT for so long! It does kind of look like there are still Q17s available at http://www.dog-bytes.com/index.html?itemhydq17.html but I need to be able to mount the monitor on a movable arm, and the Q17s are stuck on their bases ( I think )
  5. Woah...I just placed an order for it at Amazon. I was under the impression they just left the 'DVI' out of the product name. The specs clearly indicate it will work with either DVI or VGA cards. So, there's no DVI input on this one?!
  6. No, it just has a VGA-DVI adapter on it. If you intend to get the DVI model that has a DVI input on the monitor, I would cancel your order with Amazon.
  7. Well, what if we're all wrong here. Has anyone ordered this one from Amazon? I know Amazon most likely has this labeled correctly, but just maybe...OK, I'll cancel the order.
  8. I have a Sharp LL-T17D4-B, I believe Prophetview 920 Pro DVI
    = Sharp LL-T17D4-B because they have the "EXACT" same spec. Read my post for details:

  9. I ordered a ProphetView 920 DVI over 3 weeks ago, not long before they decided to display that it was unavailable on the website. It's still on backorder, and you can't cancel orders unless you do it the day the order was placed.

    By the time they get around to shipping it, 12ms monitors will probably be out.

    If you're considering buying this monitor directly from Hercules (Guillemot Store) I would suggest you hold off until it is in stock and you are sure there is something better, because you won't be able to cancel your order.
  10. That sounds like a pretty shady business practice, not allowing you to cancel your order. There is a way around it assuming you are paying by credit card. Call your credit card company and get a new card and cancel your old one. Then when they try to charge your card before it ships they can't.
  11. Can't you just block payment to Hercules? Easier than having to get a whole new card.

    Yeah, looks like I'll be waiting for the 12 ms monitors, although it looks to be awhile.
  12. hello. what I want to know is whether my ageing graphics card Geforce 2mx (old version) is compatible with this type of monitor that only has DVI?
  13. Quote:
    hello. what I want to know is whether my ageing graphics card Geforce 2mx (old version) is compatible with this type of monitor that only has DVI?

    Only if you have a DVI output on your card. If you have 2 outputs, 1 is probably DVI.
  14. how is it possible to tell how many outputs the card has?
  15. That is the Hercules store, and the DVI model is not available and has not been available for some time, thus the dilemma.
  16. Hercules have a shortage of the LCD panels used in these monitors and there are currently indefinite delays on them =( I'm currently trying to decide which alternative monitor to go for. LG L1720B or Hyundai Q17 . . . .

    which to go for . . . . hmmm
  17. Wait a little while, supposedly the 12ms Samsung will be on shelves in a couple of weeks.
  18. Got an order in for one of these before the holidays, and even though they indicated that they were backordered on the website and this never changed, the confirmation email arrived shortly after Christmas and the display arrived shortly after that.
  19. I ordered my ProphetView exactly one month ago. It did not indicate backorder on the web at the time and took 4 days before I received an email notifying me of the backorder. A week after that I was checking the website for contact info when I noticed that they have stopped selling the product because of the excessive backorder. I was then offered to downgrade to the non DVI version and "As a way of saying thank you we would also like to give you a 3D Prophet 4000XT as a free gift with purchase of the Pro Black." I gave it a look and found out that not only is the 4000XT a $20 32MB that they are actually no longer selling. Adding to the insult of them offloading inventory is the fact that this offer is on the website for everyone, offering those customers who have been waiting beyond reason no special offer. That email came 20 days after my order was placed.

    I have called them and learned that they have no clue about the products (they only run the website), they also seem to have no contact with Hercules and could not offer any estimate or even tell me just how many people are on the backorder. When asked if they had shipped _any_ since my order had been placed they were clueless. The good news is orders may be cancled while on backorder, so no need for any one to cut up your credit card.

    I'm currently trying to find any definitive information on the upcoming generation and its ETA. The BenQ site has the info for their 12ms monitor and I assume others aren't far behind. However, as we've all noticed, that doesn't necessarily the monitor is available to anyone other then Tom. I trust Toms reviews but there is a great lack of information in the flat panel area. The quality monitors aren't sold in b&m stores and are hard to find online, or non-existent in the US. I've been looking for one since October and after not finding the Q17 and my current frustration, I'm craving some solid information, not rumors, not guesses.

    If the next gen is emminent and in the next 2 months, I will cancel my order. If my monitor will ship this week then I'll keep it. I don't understand how these companies can be so horrible at service when so many people are willing to drop $500 on their products.

    Sorry for the rant. This forum is the only source for help or information in this field, keep on posting.

  20. Well I tried to cancel my back order and it would not let me. It said "Your order is in the process of being shipped and cannot be cancelled."
  21. sptimeace,

    I hear ya! I've been in the LCD market since July and am still using my 1995 CRT. It's amazing that the good LCDs are next to impossible to get your hands on but junk can be found anywhere.
  22. Same story here.Orderd a 920 Pro DVI came back they were on backorder (12-20-03) called and the guy says they have 92 comming in start of the new year so I waited. I kept checking the web site and a few weeks later it says their not avalible but you could get the non DVI. Called again and they told me they had discontinued the DVI version. So I bought a 920 Pro 10 days ago got it 5 days later (2-6-04) had 3 dead pixels clustered. First told me they would send a new one right out. Once I got it send the damaged one in. Next day got an email saying UPS would be out the next day to pick it up and to send them an email once they did and they would send the new one. UPS came yesterday (2-12-04) and got it. Looked at the Hercules online store today and guess what, no monitors any more! Gave them a call and they said, sorry no more avalible will credit your card. What a bunch of [-peep-].
  23. Guess they did discontinue it, because they automatically cancelled my order. Now I guess I am waiting for 12ms panels like everyone else :)
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