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I just purchased the Hyundai Q17(s)from MicroDirect in the UK who are quoting 20ms rsponse on their specificaton. However the specification also states the following user controls are available:
Digital: Brightness,Color,Language,OSD Adjust,Input Select,Hue,Flesh Tone

My monitor is not offering Hue or Flesh Control and unlike the review in THG last year the brightness control does work.

I paid a premium price to get the panel as reviewed by THG and I wonder if in fact Hyundai have silently changed the panel and MicoDirect are quoting the wrong specification.

Can anybody shed any light?

I know the Hercules DVI monitor is making a guarantee that they will always use the 20ms panel anybody find one of these for sale in the UK at the moment?

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  1. What was the price including shipping in American money? How long does it take to arrive?
  2. Check the docs on the CD, the controls you're talking about aren't intended to be available in DVI mode. You should be able to make all these adjustments through your graphics driver.

    What I'm not clear on is the response time. There's 3 sets of Q17 PDF manuals on the installation CD. Two quote 25ms, one quotes 16ms. THG quotes 20ms.

    Anyone know which is correct?

    (Display Properties->Settings->Advanced->Color for ATi)

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  3. The cost was £289 + 17.5% VAT + Delivery. At current £-$ exchange rate of £1=$1.82 that would be $526. The $ is not doing to well against the £ at the moment. Delivery was 3 days.

    The monitor looks good and the stand is excellent

  4. Thanks for the info. My guess is Hyundai have changed the panel due to lack of availability of the HyDis (Hercules 920 DVI is still not available anywhere in the uk). The flesh tone and hue controls are mentioned in the Hyundai spec and by THG as being available for DVI hence my query.

    Still the monitor is certainly nice looking with a good stand and screen and no dead pixels so I will keep it.

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