Which video cards, HD6670×2 or nVIDIA GTX550ti

As the thread title implies, I am looking for a new video card. I have a budget of around £130~ and have chosen two likely candidate-cards to which I may buy.

The choices are:
AMD HD 6670×2 (via, CrossFireX) or
nVIDIA GTX 550 ti

I'm not sure which of the card choices would be the most powerful, although I would think the AMD video cards would be, due to the setup having 2 video cards, and thus 2 GPUs; then again, I don't know, which is why I'm posting this thread.

I will be mostly using the video card(s) for video rendering, and playing games.

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  1. neither, a hd7770 ghz edition/hd6850/ gtx460 would be much better option.
  2. Yes i also was gonna say a 7770.
  3. Alright, thanks everyone.

    The HD7770 OC, it will be (:
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