ProphetView 920 - "white spots"

Hello everyone. I just got a Hercules ProphetView 920 Pro DVI monitor and I've noticed that at the top and bottom of the screen there are white washed out parts. It's very noticeable when playing a "dark" game or when the screen is black. It's at the top and bottom of the screen, in the center.

It's a beautiful screen and the washed out areas aren't noticeable in most situations, I just want the best image possible.

I only have a VGA video card right now. I'm planning to switch to DVI soon. Could this be causing it?

I absolutely love the monitor. I'm still in shock over my newly discovered desk space. I only have one dead subpixel, it's in the upper left hand corner and turns red when it should be turning black.
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  1. I think what you're seeing is probably reflection of the backlight, I see a slight amount of this on the screen, but a lot less of this backlight cast on this display than on others.

    And yes, you should definately run this thing DVi if you can! It's SOOOO crisp.
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