Again a monitor not available is recommended

Again Tom has recommended a monitor that is not currently available in the US. What is up with this?

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  1. "Launched in late summer, exclusively in an analog version, the 920 Pro will be reaching the stores in a DVI version during December. At least, it will be in all the stores in Europe, and can be ordered online with free delivery at the Hercules site for the U.S. "

    It will be available online on the Hercules web site in december.
  2. Quote:
    Again Tom has recommended a monitor that is not currently available in the US. What is up with this?

    I know -- it is crazy.

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  3. Just like the PV920Pro, the Samsung 172X is not yet available in the States. It will be in december.

    Is it a real problem to test products that will be available one month later ?
  4. "Is it a real problem to test products that will be available one month later ?"

    The problem with testing (and recommending) products that are not yet available is that they might never become available. If they do become available commercially, they might come out much later than expected or with different specs or at a much higher price. Thought you guys learned your lesson with the Q17.
  5. It's not yet available but Hercules presents the display on their web site:

    And there will maybe be more sellers than we thought for this display. For exemple, the previous ProphetView are available on Amazon:
  6. Hmm if you think about it there some other countries in the world :)
  7. Now here is the question...

    How is the Hercules better than the Q17? Is there any reason to wait for it at all?

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  8. but who cares about the american market anyway? :)
  9. The American Market? You mean that one with about 285 Million people in it and with one of the highest per capita incomes worldwide? You're right, who cares about that?!?!

    Now run and get me a Q17 and ship it over here Frency
  10. Sigh...yeah, it's a shame but it does seem like all of the newest best(LCD) technology seem to be available in Europe and other countries first, and then here, for instance the Formac 20"which is supposed to rival Apple's LCD,for less than half the cost, I searched for months,could'nt find any in stock anywhere, finally(got lucky) found generic version at Newegg (Fujitsu panel)Drove me almost to despair looking though.Gave up on the Q-17 awhile back, months ago.
  11. The PV 920 Pro is now available as we said in the States with free shipping:
  12. took me long enough to get back here. thanks for the info,I would have purchased this moniter had it been available when I was looking awhile back.Still I am happy with my new19"Fujitsu Lcd.Bargain price also.
  13. am here in Canada ,I want buy that monitor but that site don’t have any phone #, for u contact they in case any problem, am a scared,any1 know if they have a phone #
  14. Just got delivery of my Prophetview 920 Pro DVi. It was on back-order for a few days, but I got it within a week of ordering.

    Interestingly enough, the packing list that came with it refers to a support number on the paper in case of an RMA. I can't find the number. However, the screen is dead pixels. It looks really nice. I wouldn't worry about it. They seem pretty good. Three days to actually get the product shipped and the rest was time in transit (including the weekend). Not too bad for $549 USD.
  15. How are the dead pixels for the warranty, how many pixels?
  16. BTW, am just confuse this monitor have 20ms, and I can buy for the same price or les, a monitor 17" with 16ms,so what is the big deal with this monitor, can sum1 explained to me please

  17. Numbers aren't everything.

    The 16ms monitors can only display certain colors at 16ms. Other colors take longer to be displayed. It's double the time, I believe. This monitor can display all colors at 20 ms, which is fast enough to eliminate ghosting.
  18. Well I just Place my order of this monitor, I hope the I made the right decision, I mostly play games on my PC, and this monitor I hear is perfect for games

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  19. No, not perfect. According to THG, there's still some ghosting in Unreal, but it is definitely one of the best for gaming.
  20. is any oder 17"LCD better the PVIEW920 DVI, for games?
  21. Ordered mine the 10th - received backorder notice on the 14th and haven't heard from them since. Can't believe that even now there is no note on the website that says they're backordered. Very deceptive. Crap, so much for great Xmas present.
  22. I Ordered mine the 20th, I have the same situation, no notice of went I will receive mine, that sucks, [-peep-] I hate the I don’t have a phone# so I can call, what crap site, the should have a phone#
  23. oh well i cancel my order wiht this people, i really hate they suport, so any one knows ,a difrent site where i can buy this monitor?
  24. What a crock and shady marketing techniques to allow orders for something they cannot fill with any certainty in the near future. I just canceled my order. I would like to post my negative experiences on the web site that provided such a positive review and urge them to tone down their reviews in lieu of this poor customer experience.
  25. Sorry your experience has been less than good. I don't really know how incredibly in demand these monitors are, but I can understand your frustration of putting one on order without them telling you of its availability in the first place.

    I got mine in a timely manner. 8 days from order to arrival, including the weekend.
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