Hyundai Q17 refresh/DVI questions

Hello. I want a gaming LCD and heard that the Hyundai Q17 is the best choice.

My question is concerning the refresh rate. My ancient CRT only goes up to 75Hz, and anything lower than this absolutely kills my eyes.

I plan on using the DVI interface with this monitor, and I read that it will only go up to 60Hz. Is there something different about LCD monitors that will make it easier on my eyes? When I set my CRT onto 60Hz I can see it flicker and my eyes start to water and hurt.

Also, is there any compatibility issues between the different kind of DVI interfaces? The video card I'll be buying is listed as DVI-I. Will it work with this DVI-D monitor?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. DVI-I is both DVI-I AND DVI-D compatible.

    Furhermore, since a LCD doesnt use a cathode that 'buids up' the image line by line like a CRT does(hence the flikkering) but uses a constant backlight (sort off like TL) it lets through the christals, which give's the light the colour or block it completely, the refreshrate is no direct issue.
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