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ok, im looking at buying a 19" crt monitor in the less expensive side, 300-370 canadian before tax, and im wondering if anyone has any suggestions,

these are the monitors ive been considering

samsung 955df 16x12 @ 68hz, .20mm horiz dot pitch (nyone know how to convert this to diagonal?) $300

Nec/Mitsubishi Mutlisync Fe991 16x12 @76hz .25 to .27 grille pitch $379

viewsonic E90Fb 16x12 @68hz and 1280x1024@80hz, now normally i would want a monitor with 85hz at 1280x1024, but i see a lot of recomendations for this monitor anyone use now anything about it? .25mm diagonal grille pitch, $339

or the viewsonic G90fb, 16x12@77hz and 1280x1024 at 89hz, same specs otherwise as e90fb, so is this a better monitor, its only 10 bucks more, im wondering because its advertised as better, but ive never seen it used in gaming machine, is there some sort of flaw in it?

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  1. Try getting Samsung 959NF definitly the best 19" from Samsung. I've seen two of those in action and both looked awesome.
    Oh and i was advised against viewsonic ones when i asked similar question on [H]ard Forums.
  2. After a ton of research, I just purchased the NEC FP912SB-BK for 306.97 plus shipping from CDW. It's .24 pitch and can do 1600x1200 @ 85hz. It's an aperture grill monitor though, in case that's something that bothers you.
  3. not particularily, ive used 15 inch apature grill and while i noticed the line, it didnt bother me, and i did mostly word processing on this computer which is where you see it most

    actually id prefer apature grille as shadowmask seems a bit dark

    also, i was advised that a violent shock could misalign the apature grill in a monitor, how violent of a shock are we talking about, as i often go to lan parties

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    - Gen. (Ret) Norman Schwartzkopf
  4. I've never seen a miss aligned aperture grill. I imagine you'd have to shock it pretty hard, as in, dropped on the ground hard, slammed forcefully hard, and even that might not do it.
  5. Is there any significant difference between the FE991SB-BK and the FE990-BK?
    Also what is a grill aperture monitor?
  6. I actaully just bought the FE990 (BK) and it looks a little odd to me. Text is crisp and the color is good. However, I can see what I guess are the small dots created by the shadow mask. It may just be my eyes, but the monitor screen at a normal viewing distance looks like a TV when looked at up close.

    Straight vertical lines also look wavy. Although this effect is very small, it makes small text like the icon texts look skewed and wavy.

    Adjusting the vertical moire actually reduces this effect, but with the amount of the 'moire cancellation' applied, the screen begins to shake very slightly. Its not much, but it does give me a headache after a few minutes.

    Unfortunately, there is no way for me to preview monitors except 'Envision' and 'Sony,' so I'm going to see if I can return it for the Arpeture Grill. If it's the same, oh well.

    For a good description of Shadow Mask and Arpeture Grill, look at Tom's article: <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
  7. Howdy.

    I would advise against the Samsung series, even though I have heard some good things about them. I have seen the picture quality in 3 different stores (including one where I had them open a NIB to see for sure) on the 990DF series and all of them had serious shadow problems, especially with text on white. The ViewSonics did not seem to have this problem at all, as well as a sharper picture all around. The E90FB+ will be my next purchase, without a doubt. I have heard good things about Mags, but I have not been able to observe the picture quality up close to tell you for sure.

    My .02, and happy hunting.

  8. Quote:
    samsung 955df 16x12 @ 68hz, .20mm horiz dot pitch (nyone know how to convert this to diagonal?) $300

    An algebra and geometry question! (It's been several years).

    Find the diagonal distance given you know one side of a right triangle<pre> /|
    h / | b
    a </pre><p>

    h² = a² + b²

    CRTs have a 4:3 aspect ratio, so assuming the geometry is maintained at the dot level then

    b = 3/4 * a


    h² = a² + (3/4 * a)²


    h = SQRT[a² + (3/4 * a)²]

    if a = 0.20 mm then

    h (dot pitch) = 0.25 mm

    By the way, I'm happy with a Viewsonic E95.

    It's just a basic shadow mask monitor but it was really cheap ($203 USD, delivered, 8 months ago) and works really well. Sharp, good color, no dull or hot spots. No mis-convergence issues, great all the way to the corners. 1600x1200 @75 Hz, 0.27 diagonal dot pitch (0.27 on a shadow mask monitor is approximately equivalent to 0.25 on an AG monitor), 0.22 horizontal.

    Works great for games, text, and television which are just about all the uses I have.

    - not flat screen (but not a fish bowl either)
    - cumbersome control menu

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