I have just purchased a 17in flat panel with both dvi and vga inputs. Which is the better to use? I also haveanother problem in that my ASUS 4200 card has a slightly different plug to the monitor. A small extra 4 pin section on the card and the cable/monitor has a single flat pin as well as the 26 pin. Any help please?
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  1. DVI is the better of the 2 for digital displays (LCDs). The reason being, DVI (Digital Visual Interface) is a true digital-to-digital connection; Meaning, there's no Digital to Analog conversion happening like with a VGA connection.

    Your video card works in digital, but normally has to convert that signal to analog so CRTs can understand it. Since LCDs work digitally, analog can be cut out of the loop entirely.
  2. With thanks. 'tis all new to me. Of 5 sales people only 2 had a similar reply to that question when buying. My final decision came from reading these forums and although I didn't find the direct answer my thoughts were that the computer is working in digital so.....DVI. Thanks Kinetic.
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