Best TFT 17" suitable for games

What is the best of the best 17" TFT monitor for games?
Have you got one? Did you found a review about it?
Is there a diference between D-Sub and DVI in therms of sharpness and image quality?
Post it here everything you found.

My choice goes to Sony SDM-HX73/S and LG L1720P.
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  1. If it's going only to be used for gaming then get yourself nice Samsung 959NF or Nec 912SB or bigger 22" CRT monter:) Of course you can play games on TFT it's takes a bit of time to get used to ghosting isues but if you are not limited by space on the desk then get CRT (and yes i recently switched from crt to lcd but if i had enough space on my desk i'd get nice 22" nec monitor :)
  2. I agree that CRT monitors are very good for games but very unhealthy for our eyes. The damages it can cause mid- and long-term are devastating. Everyone has to realize that even the hardcore gamers.
    Thats why i've posted this thread.
    Anyone with a good TFT 16ms with a good experience to tell? A review maybe since Tom does not update his 17" TFT monitor reviews.
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