best 17" monitor

im dicing between
$235 AUD Samsung 753DFX 0.20 horizontal dot pitch
$220 AUD Hyundai Imagequest Q770 0.20 horizontal dot pitch
$222 AUD BenQ G774 0.25 diagonal dot pitch
all rec 1024x768 @ 85hz
which of these monitors is the best? or if there any others which are better such as LG...around the same price... or Philips....

EDIT: watabout the philips 107X for $278 AUD?


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  1. Check out how much the NEC FE791SB will cost you. It's a damn good monitor.

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  2. since the shop im going to doesnt sell NEC... i wont geti it...well if u had to choose between the Samsung 753DFX and Philips 107X (which looks dam cool) which 1 would u choose and why? (samsung = 0.20 hdp whereas philips = 0.21 hdp)
  3. To be honest I haven't looked into those two, I'll go biking sometime tomorrow or this weekend and stop by a few comp shops and see if they have them in stock so I can take a good look and give u my opinion. Also, I'm sure gosharks has seen these, perhaps he could comment.

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  4. I know someone who hates the BenQ LCD monitor. I'm not sure about their CRT monitors though.
  5. I am using Philips 107X4 and am very satisfied with it. In my country at this price range, LG 700B is considered to give the best image, Philips 107X is in the second in terms of quality of image but its look is the best, and Sumsung 753 is considered to be quite cheap and slightly out of date now. Hope this helps.
  6. WHen looking at monitor specs, becareful about the dop pitch, as the box or spec might say 0.21mm horizontal, but the actual DPI that you are looking might not even be mentioned, my moniter I just purchased (Mag 786PF) says a 0.20mm horiz, but the actual measurement for the whole monitor is probably a 0.25 or a 0.27 seeing as thats what most inexpensive 17' monitors are these days. Im not sure about finding the actual unit, but try the pythagorean equation with the horizontal and vertical pitch numbers to find it, just an idea though, may not work.


    I also forgot to mention that if I hadn't been able to get the Mag monitor for a cheaper price than the Samsung 753, I would have gotten the samsung since that's what many people tend to have, and it seems a reliable monitor for the price.

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  7. <b>$235 AUD Samsung 753DFX 0.20 horizontal dot pitch</b>

    Try also some NEC 17" CRT's

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