Radeon 7870 (£200) or MSI TF 7850 for (£190)

Which card should I get the 7870 or 7850? 7870 is £10 more.

I do plan to overclock the cards and I think the 7870 only has one fan, so will it be okay for OC'ing?
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  1. Thanks for the quick reply.

    The 7870 is actually £209 with delivery where as the 7850 has free delivery.

    7870 still the way to go for £20 more?
  2. If you care about noise at all I would get the 7850, the 7870 will give you better performance though.

    I had a stock 6870 and it was fairly loud, returned it and spent an extra 40 for an MSI twin frozr 2 (after shipping and restocking fee)
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