Hyundai Q17 vs Samsung 171p

I'm trying to decide what would be better, a speedy monitor or a sleek looking monitor? I've read reviews and both monitors sound great. If anyone can help that would be great. =)
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  1. I have the two panels, both bought here at spain...

    The q17 (i have the dvi version) looks awesome for gaming, but have two problems... the view angles are worst than 171p and it has two brighter zones at the top and bottom of the screen noticiable in darkest colors and without natural light...

    The samsung 171p has overall better image, but better colours... looks more accurate... (both with dvi) i think the q17 looks bluer...

    so i have sold the 171p and i have now the q17 so i have the monitor for gaming and i dont need accurate colors...

    The q17 is slighty wosrt but because i have a superb samsung panel... but the q17 is better than my ols sony crt.... uhhhh austanding

    for those guys looking for the q17 dvi i have bought here

    sorry for my english ;)
  2. I got the q17 (digital & analog input), cost 366 GBP incl del, from Micom (

    Agree with Spanish bloke - it has lots of brightness at the top& bottom of the screen, like it was leaking in from the top & bottom, very noticable when I tested with a full black-coloured screen. Just got a replacement under the warranty terms today - same problem. I thought maybe it's true of all LCDs?

    I think having lots of white at the top & bottom of your brand new, supposed-to-be-good-for-gaming screen is well lame and I wished the reviewer had pointed this out as it is pretty noticable in a game like Morrowind when you are in dark caverns for all the important bits!

    I can ill afford to waste 350 notes on a display that has a fault like this so thanks a bunch Tom's hardware.
  3. Tom's Hardware actually reviewed q17a not q17 but can't imagine there's that much difference. Apologies to them if they are very different but if they are not I think it is pretty dumb not to mention in a review that there is a lot of brightness top & bottom of the screen.

    How can a game be good for gaming if it has this problem? ALL the games I like (Aliens v Predator 2, System Shock 2 Morrowind etc) rely a lot on darkness to add to the atmosphere, with this monitor it looks like some tw*t is shining a torch into the screen from the top & bottom. I am pissed off about it, especially as I doubt I'll get my money back.

    Seluoco how many EUR was your Samsung?
  4. My q17 is the q17a (same as the reviewed). I look it in the box ( the stick in the bar code says q17a)...

    i sold my samsung for 300EUR... yeah is a gift, the man who bought it feels so happy :))

    The q17a brighness is ugly ... but i only see it in dark areas and when i have no natural light i can live with it... but no with the samsung blur in games ;)

    My girlfriend has an EIZO L565 suberb image quality, no blur, better view angles but if i launch a game (yeah..)
    the q17 feels like a CRT and the EIZO not... and the EIZO has not blur... but the q17 feel like more fps...
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