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I'm looking into getting a 17 inch LCD for one of my computers and a 15" for the other. I may end up getting 2 17 inch but I'm not sure yet. When it comes to monitors im not really great and after reading the THG reviews I was a bit confused. I've owned viewsonic before and took a look at the VP171b. I would like to know any suggestions comments on a good lcd. They will be used to play games/do spreadsheets/ and some light graphic editing. If anyone could lend a hand suggesting some models I should look into that would be great. The biggest concern would be the quality and not so much the price. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. From what Ive read and its mainly been on this site is that better the contrast say 500/1 and lower the ms time say 20 the better , you can find some in 17 inch flats but have to look and even more difficult to find dvi hookup in that size. Definitely must haves for gaming and graphics, good luck,,, Rob
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